Wind Energy Civil Engineering

Structural Engineering for Renewable Energy

Genser Engineering has a wide range of experience in renewable wind energy sector (over 2500 MW completed work) and provides wind turbine foundation geotechnical and structural design, wind turbine foundation reinforced concrete application drawings, construction technical supervision service, quality assesment of existing foundations and concrete technology works. 
Wind turbine foundation designs are carried out by taking into consideration both the tower loads obtained from the manufacturer and the sub-soil properties for specific site.
In design, together with the relevant specifications of each turbine manufacturer, the international  Germanischer Llyod- (GL) - “Guideline for Certification of Wind Turbines 2010, IEC 61400-1: Wind turbine generator systems  and Eurocode-2 / 7 documents have been used.
Our company works with international companies such as Nordex Acciona, Siemens Gamesa, Enercon, GE Energy, Vestas, Leitwind, Goldwind as well as Turkish / foreign investors.
Our projects have been reviewed and approved by the engineering departments of turbine manufacturers, international independent certification offices like DNV-GL, TÜV-SÜD and well known universities.


Wind Energy Civil Engineering

Review of Project Documentation

The convenience of the technical documents which are delivered by the customer are assessed, and the related guidance is provided in case of insufficiency.

Wind Energy Civil Engineering

Preliminary Design of Wind Turbine Foundation

The amounts for excavation, sealant/grout, concrete, reinforcing steel are calculated regarding the pre-calculations in order to provide a base for the offers given by the construction companies that work in the field of wind turbine foundation construction.

Wind Energy Civil Engineering

Detail Design of Wind Turbine Foundation

A detailed analysis for the wind turbine foundation includes complete set of verifications like imposed loads, partial factors, material properties, bearing capacity of soils, SLS, ULS and fatigue verification of concrete and reinforcements.

Wind Energy Civil Engineering

Design Review of Wind Turbine Foundation

Design check of wind turbine foundation; Design supervision, comprehensive review and paralel calculation of wind turbine foundations are provided according to the local ground conditions and international / local design regulations.

Wind Energy Civil Engineering

Construction Technical Supervision

The aim of the Construction Technical Supervision service; the inspection of whether the construction of the current reinforced concrete foundation of the wind power plant is carried out in accordance with the standards and specifications required by the Employer, in particular the local standards and turbine manufacturer specifications by GENSER on behalf of the Employer.
The field quality control service includes the following items:

  • Anchor cage installation check according to WTG manufacturer specification.
  • Acceptance report will be prepared after each site visit.
  • Check of geometric dimensions of foundation
  • All reinforcement bars in comparison with approved drawing
  • Supervison at the stage of casting concrete
  • Concrete strength assessment based on fresh concrete test results
Wind Energy Civil Engineering

Official Approval of Project

In the Ministry of Energy acceptance file, we provide the service of preparing and delivering to the investor the content regarding the construction file (for the phases; project approval, temporary acceptance and general acceptance). Regarding the new regulation, for the unlicensed power generation, in the configuration of TEIAS acceptance; we provide the services of preparing and delivering to the investor the content regarding the construction file (for the phases; project approval, temporary acceptance and general acceptance). Seismic analysis of the wind turbines, steel or post-tensioned hybrid towers under the local ground conditions, performance-based tower earthquake analysis and are performed by our side.

Wind Energy Civil Engineering

Control / Control Building Project

  1. Avan project selection: In order to speed up the architect processes, Genoser Engineering sends nearly ten architectural plan alternatives to investors in the form of etude. The information such as floor area, number of floors, placement of units is given within the scope of this delivery.
  2. The detailed layout of the floor plan is carried out. Metal Clad room, transformer, generator, battery room, control unit, communication and scada room, warehouse and office departments are projected at this stage. The demands of both the investor and the wind turbine manufacturer are fully reflected in the project.
  3. All the disciplines of the project are prepared according to the final floor plans. The architectural, static, mechanical and electrical projects are arranged in the format of the project management of gerke energy facilities and the licensing project presentation format of the local administrations.