Structural Steel Engineering

Industry Culture in Structural Engineering

GENSER Engineering provides structural steel designs  for all types of industrial facilities such as warehouses, grain storage handling, iron and steel, energy production, mining, chemicals, automotive with new technology computer softwares.
GENSER Engineering works meticulously in this field which has mastered all stages from design to manufacturing. Our structural steel designs based on Turkish standards; as well as American AISC 360-10, ASD89 and Eurocode-3 specifications.
Many of our structural steel projects have been reviewed and approved by the engineering departments of the universities and independent consultancy offices.
For modelling and producing of erection drawings Tekla Structures-Xsteel BIM software is used.


Structural Steel Engineering

In the beginning kick-off meeting with investors is arranged to determine design demands and limitations.

Structural Steel Engineering

All layout plans and architectural drawings are provided by investors, in necessery conditions we can also produce.

Structural Steel Engineering

In this step, type of steel structural system is decided according to following criterias.

  1. Intended use of structure

  2. Imposed loads (such as dead-live, snow, crane, seismic.)

  3. Material economy

  4. Manufacturing and installation duration

  5. Capability of manufacturing and installation team

  6. Compatibility of structure for future extension works

Structural Steel Engineering

 Preliminary structural design includes,

  1. Pre-static calculation and proportioning of members

  2. General layout plans and sections

  3. Weight of structure (with %5 approximation)

  4. Recomandation of connection details

  5. Collaboration with the architectural office

Structural Steel Engineering

In this step ,static calculations are performed according to local and international codes with following criterias.

  1. Structural system is designed according AISC 360-10, ASD89 and Eurocode 3

  2. Foundation, column sizes and connection parts are designed.

  3. Slab system is designed (as composite or clasic system)

  4. Purlins of facade systems are designed

  5. Static calculation report is produced

Structural Steel Engineering

6/Single parts and assembly drawings are produced with Tekla Structures and submitted to manufacturer. All modelling process is compatible with BIM system.