Industrial Civil Engineering

Industry Culture in Structural Engineering

Our engineers and drafters with industrial culture mind-set are at work for you with their deep knowledge and experience to meet the demands of industrial facilities. Shelf storage systems, mechanical equipment platforms, steel mezzanine slabs are in our range of service.

In this department, the following services are provided

  • Static calculations of shelf storage systems
  • Bearing capacity check of shelf storage systems
  • Periodic site checks for the member and connections at shelf storage systems
  • Bearing capacity check of members under the additional loads induced from fire, natural gas, etc. mechanical systems
  • Structural design of steel platforms for chiller, radiator, evaporator units
  • Seismic assesment reports for non-structural elements, mechanical units and pipings
  • Static calculations of platforms, ladders, lifts, etc for workplace and labor safety requirements
  • Structural design of shipping containers, cargo containers according to local loads and international regulations