Reinforced Concrete Design

Housing, Hotel, Shopping Center Reinforced Concrete Projects

In the area of reinforced concrete buildings, our range of design services are relatively wide; from residential buildings to grain silo foundations and from pre-stressed bridges to retaining structures. In the design of reinforced concrete structures, along with the Turkish standards, American ACI-318 and Eurocode-2 specifications are implemented as well.

Process in reinforced concrete projects:

1. In the beginning, kick-off meeting with investors is arranged to determine design demands and limitations.
2. All layout plans and architectural drawings are provided by investors, in necessery conditions we can also produce.
3. Reinforced concrete formwork plans are created. At this stage following informations are provided to customer,

  • Geotechnical evaluation and selection of proper foundation type
  • Column, beam sizes
  • Preliminary drawings of structural system

4. Final design of reinforced concrete design  includes

  • Foundation detail
  • Member sizes
  • Reinforcement details of members
  • Material specification
  • Bill of quantities
  • Technical specification (in demand)